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Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders | Need a Restraining Order?

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Restraining orders are really a mixture of family, criminal, and civil law. Michelle D. Wallis practices in all of these areas and can help guide your restraining order case with her thorough knowledge of all legal matters. She can assist you with your temporary or permanent restraining order needs. Michelle D. Wallis aggressively pursues court orders on behalf of domestic violence victims and civil harassment sufferers. She can also defend against any temporary restraining orders that have been sought for frivolous or unlawful reasons.

Numerous complicated forms must be properly filled out and filed in Court in order acquire a restraining order in the state of California. Michelle D. Wallis is devoted to guiding you through this process, and making your restraining order case as simple and efficient as possible.

Type of Restraining Orders

Domestic violence restraining orders help protect families who are dealing with domestic abuse.

Civil harassment restraining orders protect victims of violence and individuals who have been threatened with violence.

Elder abuse restraining orders are issued to protect an abused or threatened person over the age of 65. Abuse does not have to be solely physical; financial, emotional, and sexual abuse are all grounds for restraining orders as well.

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Michelle D. Wallis is a former prosecutor. She can fight aggressively to help keep you safe. She strives to meet all of her clients’ concerns, regardless of the complexity or difficulty of the case. If you or someone you love is in danger and you are in need of a restraining order, please do not hesitate to contact our firm at 559-713-6363.