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Probation Violation Attorney

Hanford Probation Violation Attorney | Lemoore Criminal Defense Lawyer

California law defines probation as a type of supervisory sentence than may be imposed instead of (or in addition to) imprisonment. It is designed to test the transition of convicted offenders into law-abiding citizens. Probation usually requires the offender to follow a strict set of terms and conditions set by the court, including supervision by a probation officer. Conditions of probation may also include community service requirements, mandated counseling, random drug testing, and regular appointments with the probation officer. Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of your probation may result in a revoking of your probation or even a jail sentence that exceeds the original sentence.

What can cause a probation violation?

There are many types of probation violations. They can include:

  • Failure to check in with your probation officer
  • Failure to notify your probation officer of any change of address
  • Possision of illegal drugs or weapons
  • Failing a drug test
  • Failure to appear in court when scheduled
  • Driving while under the influence
  • Getting arrested for another crime
  • Associating with other convicted offenders
  • Failure to remain within mandated jurisdiction
  • Tampering with an electronic monitoring device

If you are in violation of your probation, it is imperative that you secure an aggressive defense lawyer as soon as possible. Michelle D. Wallis can fight to defend you.