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Been Accused of Robbery?

The term robbery is used to signify the taking (or attempt of taking) something of value by means of force, threat, or by putting the victim in fear. Types of robbery include strong armed robbery (physical force), aggravated robbery (use of a deadly weapon), highway robbery (mugging), and car jacking (stealing a vehicle by force). Extortion is the threat or offer to do something illegal in the event goods are not given – it primarily uses words instead of actions.

Under California Penal code section 211, robbery cases can result in very severe punishments, including lengthy prison sentences and a permanent criminal record for the convicted individual. Use of a weapon or infliction of great bodily harm during the act of a robbery can lead to an even stricter sentence. Robbery is divided into first and second sub-sections in California. First-degree robbery occurs in an inhabited dwelling, vessel, or trailer. It includes the robbery of a bus, taxicab, or street car driver (and their passengers), as well as the robbery of anyone using an Automated Teller Machine. Second-degree robbery is all other types of robbery.

First-degree robbery carries a state prison sentence of 3-9 years. Second degree robbery is punishable by 2-5 years. Because robbery crimes are often violent in nature, prosecutors are especially aggressive in pursuing securing convictions in these cases. If you have been charged with robbery, you need to select an equally assertive defense lawyer to fight for you in court.

Michelle D. Wallis will attempt to suppress illegally obtained evidence and verify whether or not law enforcement officers made any missteps when charging you with the crime. This can often help reduce charges of robbery down to larceny, or depending on circumstances, get them entirely dismissed.

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