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Visalia Civil Law Attorney | Tulare County Civil Rights Lawyer

Legal disputes that are not public or government-related are covered under Civil Law. In Civil Law matters, plaintiffs must prove their version of events “more than likely” to be true and are responsible for covering the cost of litigation. When defendants are found guilty in civil lawsuits, they typically are obligated to pay restitution to the plaintiff for the damages they have suffered. In these matters, lawyers directly represent the victim’s interest. As such, the plaintiff has greater control in decision-making than they would in a criminal prosecution.

Michelle D. Wallis can assist with a vast array of civil law matters.

  • Gun Violence
  • Restraining Orders
  • Civil Restraining Orders.

If you have Civil Law related questions, call Michelle D. Wallis at 559-713-6363 to find out how she can help. Even if we cannot help you with your civil law matter, we can point you in the right direction.