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We know that going though a separation or divorce is an emotionally difficult and sometimes exhausting process. If you are considering a divorce and need legal advice, rest assured that your questions will be addressed with concern and confidentiality by Michelle D. Wallis. If there is a possibility of reconciliation, we will help get you back together with your spouse. If reconciliation is not an option, we can guide you through the process of reorganizing the legal, financial, and social relationships between you and your partner. We recognize there is a need to be sensitive and be able to adapt to changing circumstances and conditions in these kinds of cases. We are happy to help you, whether through the use of mediation of litigation.

Is Mediation a possibility?

Mediation occurs when the two parties involved in the divorce or legal separation get along. It is a voluntary process where both parties retain a single firm to assist the process. It can help resolve the case quickly, protect privacy, and save money. Michelle D. Wallis can work with you and your former partner to seek the best outcome for both of you.

Do you need a litigation attorney?

Litigation is the best course of action when there are disputes over assets and obligations or any bitterness between the two parties. We will fully explore all settlement options. Just because both parties have had to hire their own attorney, it doesn’t necessarily follow that there must be a great amount of turmoil. We will work with opposing counsel to solve issues and avoid court proceedings as much as possible. Michelle D. Wallis understands this can be a very overwhelming situation; she is available to make your case go as smoothly as possible.

Is a Legal Separation a better alternative?

A legal separation is not just a “time out” between you and your partner. It involves filing a lawsuit where you ask the court to decide on all issues related to your marriage.

Divorce and legal separations are very similar in nature, except that a separation does not entirely dissolve the union. If you eventually decide to divorce during the legal separation, you can file additional paperwork to put a formal end to your marriage. If there is any possibility of reconciliation, a legal separation is NOT your best option. You are better advised to consider counseling or mediation services.

Experience advice in your time of need.

Michelle D. Wallis can assist with every aspect of your separation or divorce, from handling financial issues such as property division and alimony, to helping with child custody and visitation arrangements, and much more. You can trust us to provide knowledgeable and confidential legal advice and aggressive, results-driven representation. Call us at 559-713-6363 to learn more.