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  • Attorney Client Interview Checklist

    1. Make sure you are looking at a lawyer who specializes in the area of…

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  • How to Choose a Criminal Lawyer

    When you need a Criminal Defense Attorney, you are vulnerable in a way no other…

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  • My Lawyer Is Not Fighting For Me, Help Me Please!

    Have you thought, I don’t feel like my lawyer is not fighting for me? If…

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  • My Lawyer is Not Communicating With Me

    My Lawyer Isn’t Communicating With Me You are at your most vulnerable when you consult…

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  • 3 Traits Your Lawyer Should Have!

    Whether you’re getting a civil attorney, a personal injury attorney, a divorce attorney, or even a…

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  • The Law Office of Michelle D. Walliss Helps to Acquit an Innocent Man From Life In Prison

    The Law Office of Michelle D. Wallis has been keeping busy in the last few…

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  • 3 DUI Consequences of Not Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    If you’re a parent dealing with divorce, domestic violence, separation, or any kind of child…

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