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Better Safe Than Sorry: Why Parents of Teens Should Have a Criminal Defense Lawyer

choose a criminal lawyerIt’s something no parent wants to consider, but the likelihood that your teenage son or daughter will be arrested is more possible than you might think.

It’s statistically accurate to say that one out of every three teens will be arrested by the time they reach age 23. Additionally, a survey of almost 200 judges, prosecutors, public defenders and police revealed that as many as 10,000 Americans are wrongfully convicted of serious crimes every year — and this number undoubtedly includes young people.

That’s why, according to CNN, it’s exceedingly important for every parent to consider having a criminal defense attorney in mind — just in case one’s son or daughter is arrested. When you choose a criminal lawyer for your family, you’re protecting yourself and your child against a potential lifetime of legal woes.

“So many of our friends have armies of tutors, extracurricular activities, all sorts of angles covered … but when it comes to the law, there’s this black hole,” Lisa Green, author of “On Your Case: A Compassionate (and Only Slightly Bossy) Legal Guide for Every Stage of a Woman’s Life,” told CNN about today’s parents.

Your teen’s arrest won’t just have long-term legal consequences for his or her future — you could also be held responsible for the crime.

Take, for example, the possibility of your teen being arrested for drunk driving.

In California, a misdemeanor first DUI conviction can result in fines up to $1,000, more than $2,600 in penalty assessments and even as much as six months’ imprisonment for your teen.

But if he or she drinks alcohol inside your house and then leaves to do something inappropriate, illegal or deadly, you could potentially be found criminally responsible or face civil damages as well. There are laws that hold parents at least partially responsible for their children’s drunk driving in 150 cities or counties and 24 states, CNN reports.

So to make sure you and your teen don’t suffer the unintended and long-lasting consequences of him or her being arrested, it’s your responsibility to have a family attorney at law who you can contact as soon as something like this happens.

Do you agree that all parents of teens should choose a criminal lawyer just in case their child is arrested? Have any other questions for us about how a family law attorney can help you? Feel free to get a discussion going in the comments below.